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Ignorance-Projekt by Kai Stuht

Portrait / s/w

STORY Ignorance Projekt The central concept of “ignorance pulls the trigger” has no barriers. It poses no demands on existing structures, but rather sets itself upon a gradual revolution of thought. The appeal to the community is to make people aware of their own potential and to assume responsibility. The internet has acted as an enabler to global confidence. The Arab Spring and Fair Trade would have been unimaginable without the investigative global consciousness of […]

Jacqueline Scherer

farbig / Portrait / s/w

Hier mal Ergebnisse vom Zingster Sony-Fotowalk mit Alexander Heinrichs und Jacqueline Scherer bearbeitet im Stil Classic K14-25er, s/w und ein anderer Blick. Vielen Dank Euch Beiden für die Geduld und die Tipps.